Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anthem Book Review

Ayn Rand's Anthem saddened me, yet inspired me.

In ways, I would say a world that had a lot of rules would be perfect, but in other ways I would say rules do not make a world perfect. In my opinion, freedom would make a world perfect.

Freedom is definitely what Equality 7-2521 was looking for. He breaks a lot of rules- talking to women, stealing, finding a tunnel- but why would he break all these rules you might ask? He wants to be free. He wants to live his own life and not have other people tell him what to do.

This book, was a little confusing. Equality 7-2521 and others went by the word "We". At times I did not know if the characters were talking in the "We" form or if they were just talking about themselves- "I".

I would not recommend this book because in my opinion, Anthem was weird. I would also not recommend this book because the character in Anthem, Equality 7-2521, can persuade a person to think that they are only here on Earth for themselves and not for God.

Someone Like You Book Review

Sarah Dessen's Someone Like You is a scary learning experience that could happen to young girls anywhere.

This book illustrates so many life lessons that kids need to learn today. Responsibility, learning from a person's own mistakes the hard way, and trust.

This book is the story of two best friends that go through rough times together. In Someone Like You, bad things are happening one after the other. When the death of a friend occurs, Scarlett has to lean on Halley, but Halley has never had to take the load. Throughout the book, they have to lean on each other for support when they could not turn to anyone else. Even though they fought sometimes, they both knew that they were there for each other, no matter what.

Some people, like Halley, have to learn things the hard way. I am definitely stubborn at times and I do not like people telling me what the right road to take is. By not listening and doing my own thing, I find out the hard way. In the book, Halley did not like the fact that Scarlett and Halley's mom were telling her what to do. Halley thought she was making the right decision, but in the end she knew that the people who cared about her were right.

This book also teaches trust. Even though the things that were being told to Halley were upsetting, she had to trust her mom and Scarlett but she didn't.

A person also has to step up and take responsibility, even though he/she might not like doing what they have to.

Even though things did not work out how each of them would have liked it to, they learned that they will always be there for each other.

I would definitely recommend this book to a girl that just wants a good read. In my opinion, Someone Like You is an inspiring read because the read reminds a person that their friends are always there for them.

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To Perfect My World...

This world is definitely not perfect, the world will ever be. People have so many opinions and different views on a variety of many different things. These opinions and views make it hard for everybody to get along.

In my own world, I would love to perfect many things, but I do not think trying would even help. With my life only, I would want to perfect people's attitudes, including mine. I get so frustrated with people that only care about themselves, and trust me, I can be that way also. I would want to get rid of snobby attitudes and I would love for everybody to be friends. No cliques, no nothing. By doing this, there would be a lot less drama and there would not be any grudges being held. Everybody would get along and be loving and kind towards one other. Being kind and loving towards one another is definitely one of the things that we need in this world.

Everybody deals with stress. Stress makes everything so much more difficult. A person could get stressed and frustrated with himself that they could take the stress out on somebody else that does not deserve it. Yes, we get busy sometimes but it would be nice not to stress about everything that we have to do.

Perfecting attitudes and stress would make my world ten times better. Hopefully these changes would also help out other people in my world.