Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Perfect My World...

This world is definitely not perfect, the world will ever be. People have so many opinions and different views on a variety of many different things. These opinions and views make it hard for everybody to get along.

In my own world, I would love to perfect many things, but I do not think trying would even help. With my life only, I would want to perfect people's attitudes, including mine. I get so frustrated with people that only care about themselves, and trust me, I can be that way also. I would want to get rid of snobby attitudes and I would love for everybody to be friends. No cliques, no nothing. By doing this, there would be a lot less drama and there would not be any grudges being held. Everybody would get along and be loving and kind towards one other. Being kind and loving towards one another is definitely one of the things that we need in this world.

Everybody deals with stress. Stress makes everything so much more difficult. A person could get stressed and frustrated with himself that they could take the stress out on somebody else that does not deserve it. Yes, we get busy sometimes but it would be nice not to stress about everything that we have to do.

Perfecting attitudes and stress would make my world ten times better. Hopefully these changes would also help out other people in my world.

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