Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Hero...

When Beautiful was a little girl, she was shy, scared, and all the boys made fun of her, but when Beautiful grew up into a teenager, she gained the most tremendous powers a girl could ever have. All her powers lead up to one great power, which is punishing boys. If a guy says or thinks anything mean or bad about a girl, Beautiful punishes them. She punishes them because a guy should never get away with hurting a girl, because every girl is beautiful. Boys do not know Beautiful has powers, and one way is how she is dressed. Beautiful dresses how a normal everyday teenager would dress because she wants to trick the boys so they won't know she is around. Even though she looks like a normal kid, she still has to be very sneaky about when and where she does things, so boys will not find out. When Beautiful detects that a guy is saying or thinking something, by either listening, or reading their mind, she suddenly becomes invisible. After becoming invisible, she walks up behind the guy jerks him back and he starts turning around and around, transforming into an ugly creature. Having the reminder that they are ugly by being creatures, they will always think twice about saying something mean.

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