Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Be or Not To Be a Genre...

I read The Time Machine in English, and after reading this book, I have decided to promote some Science- Fiction, but not all.

I promote The Time Machine because it's very adventurous and has a fun story line. The book and Science-Fiction in general also brings out the creative side in us. For me also though, The Time Machine was very hard to follow. I kept on having to go back and rethink everything, maybe even reread.

Not in this case with the book, The Time Machine, but sometimes, I would not promote science fiction as a genre. I discourage Science-Fiction because some people, when they start liking science- fiction a lot, they start believing in it. It makes me upset because, none of science- fiction is true, and some people get so into, and caught up in it they won't ever come back to reality.

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