Thursday, December 18, 2008

Half of My Sophomore Year

Thinking and writing this post, I cannot believe that I am half way through my sophomore year. In just a matter of a few months, I have done so much.

I have cheered at all the football games, survived learning and performing color guard routines, and on top of all my other activities, survived all of the homework assignments and tests.

I also can't believe that I only have a matter of a few more months with my sister, Audrey, before she goes off to college. Looking back and thinking about when we were little, I do not see what I am going to do without her. My sister has helped me and is always there for me and I know that is not going to change. She has watched me do new cheers that I learned and helped me with my homework. The thing I am going to miss doing most with my sister is just goofing off and having fun whenever we can. So not only is half of my sophomore year gone, but also half of my last year with my sister at home.

Keeping busy with all my activities, I have had so much fun doing everything, even with the stress. So far, I think my sophomore year has been the most enjoying and fun in all my years of school, and I think it will continue to be.

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