Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking a Stand for Respect

I have yet to take a stand, but one day I would love to take a stand for respect.

Lack of respect is one of my biggest pet peeve’s, but I do not know why I have not stood up for respect yet. In a way, I am probably scared because I would not have a clue as to how people would react.

If a person did not know me then they would be surprised if I took a stand for something that I really cared about, but if somebody did know me they would be happy to see that I did take a stand.

Everywhere I look, I see disrespect.

I see a lot of disrespect towards teachers and elderly people. In probably most of my classes, at least one person has to show disrespect to one of my teachers everyday. People show disrespect towards old people by making fun of how they look, walk, or talk. I hate when I am shopping or at a restaurant and I see a person making fun of an older person. It upsets me so much because that individual may not be able to help the way they look, move, or talk.

Not only have I not taken a stand for respect, but I also have no idea what I would say or do.

If a person knew me, they would say I am very shy and quiet before they got to know me or before I got to know them. So, standing up for something is really hard for me to do in front of people that I do not know very well.

Writing this paper makes me want to try harder to overcome my shyness and to look for opportunities to speak out against disrespect.

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