Thursday, September 9, 2010

Journal 4: Always determined

In class, we read "A Worn Path."

1. Quester: Phoenix Jackson.
2. Place to go: Town.
3. Reason to go there: Get medicine for her grandson.
4. Challenges and trials: Walking over a log (she closed her eyes because she was so scared), getting caught on a bush (she did not want to rip her dress), coming across a man in the woods telling her to go back home (she does not take no for an answer).
5. Real reason to go there: She remembers that she wanted to buy her child a little windmill.

Phoenix Jackson is very determined throughout the story. Even though she was half blind, she knew she still needed to get to town for her grandson. In the story, you learn that she trusts herself. She comes across challenges, like the ones listed above, and handles them very well.

Phoenix talks to herself and the animals a lot. She does so because she is lonely and/or scared. You can tell that she is practical with her poverty. She finds a nickel in the woods and knows that she cannot rip her dress because she needs to pay for items in town for her grandson.

This short story was very uplifting. It showed how much somebody is willing to suffer for someone they love.

Thesis: Phoenix Jackson's encouraging determination shows that she is loving and dedicated to her grandson by being able to see the many challenges she overcomes throughout her journey.

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