Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journal 3: Unity in Care

Everyday in this world people hear about unexpected, horrifying tragedies. However, they come together as one with love in caring for others who are in need. In this picture cited below called “Fragile”, this child is being taken care of after a great tragedy in his life. Surrounding the young child, nurses and doctors care for him, wrapping him in bandages.

A natural disaster, like this earthquake, can destroy lives, property, and emotional well-being in an instant. However, it takes time for healing and these doctors and nurses are the beginning of this healing process in this child’s life- physically and emotionally.

In this picture I see chaos. Picturing myself looking at the situation in real life, I see people running around, grabbing bandages, and caring for the hurt person as best as they know how. Not knowing the outcome of the child, they care for him as if it was their own. This chaos slowly turns into peace as they calm and comfort the child. Saying this, I also see love. The child might remember the disaster and the physical and emotional pain that he went through, but he will also never forget the love given by the people that took care of him, his family, and his friends.

The scared child might be afraid for his obscure future, but he can also see hope from the people surrounding him and taking care of him. Over all, this picture teaches a lesson. It shows that even though we might not know a person, we always need to show love. This will help the child and also build up the people around the child as they unite and move forward together with care.

Munoz, Eduardo. Fragile. Digital image. Photos. 13 June 2010. Web. 25 July 2010.

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