Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journal 2: Older and Wiser

As people become older, they become wiser. Read along as you think about this statement and look at the picture cited below: “Older now, I draw myself better.” This statement and picture can mean so many things. Physically drawing a picture and/or someone mentally drawing a picture says so much about a person's character.

Did you like drawing when you were little? Did you ever draw portraits of yourself? When a person is young, drawing is messy, not straight, and scattered. Picture a five year old child with me. They do not make them or their friends look anything like they do in real life. They make them fat with board straight hair, pointy dresses, and sticks for arms and legs. Not knowing what he/she will become, the five year old has a whole unknown future ahead of him/her.

However, as a person’s life begins to shape, they learn more and more about who they truly are. The older and wiser they get, the better they can “draw” themselves. Knowing their characteristics better, they can see themselves in a light that they might not have ever imagined.

Looking at this picture, you see this man as someone who loves to enjoy life. He is older, and therefore he knows himself better. As a result, he is better able to portray who he truly is. Comparing two pictures of a person when they were young and when they were old can tell a story of their journey and how far they have come in their adventure of life.

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