Monday, October 11, 2010

thINK Journal 1: Girl Power Isn't All About Looks

Right when I saw the cover of this magazine (site listed above), I knew it would be perfect to write about. Reading the side comments about what is in the magazine almost made me mad. Girl power is not just about looks and how you can be the impossible "perfect."

The comments "Look like the stars in Hollywood, large imperfections that can easily be retouched, and how I became perfect" is what makes the insecurities of girls start to boil, and that's just on the front cover! TV, magazines, and more make girls today feel like they have to be skinny, fit, and fashionable. Yes, it is important to take care of a person's body and be healthy, but not to the point where they are miserable trying to look like the latest size zero fashion models.

If a survey was taken, I would predict that more than half would say that they are insecure about their bodies. So many people are caught up in looks that they do not look past the makeup and see the real girl inside. We should not judge people, me included, by what they are wearing or how they fix their hair. What is going to matter in the end? Definitely not fashion, my friends.

The comment “Look like the stars in Hollywood” is almost impossible because they don’t even look like that. We have so much technology today that it is hard not to fix every imperfection. In all honesty, I catch myself wishing I could be cute and look like Selena Gomez, but then, I sometimes wonder what stars would look like without all the cosmetic help and fame.

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