Monday, October 11, 2010

thINK Journal 3: Managing time.,r:7,s:4&biw=838&bih=388

As I was searching for something to write about for my last journal for the nine weeks, I came across the advertisement that is cited above.

Even though the advertisement has no words, the point comes across clear. When I was little, I was amazed by the TV and I used to watch my favorite movies and shows all the time. My younger cousins, especially when they were toddlers, would not listen to me or my family members when they needed to get their attention. You would have to say their names multiple times for them to listen. This shows how much a distraction TV is, starting at a young age. When I was in Junior High, I would come home and watch TV for two hours, even when I had loads of homework to do. I remember getting into trouble all the time for not getting my work done.

So what can we do to stop this problem? We can make sure that our kids have a time limit on the TV, or at least have their homework, chores, etc. done by the time they watch shows. Not only is it important for there to be limit, but also monitoring. Kids need to be watching appropriate shows and that can only be taken care of by the parents.

Not only does TV take away valuable time, but it also can hurt a person’s eyes if they are too close like the boy in the picture. So let’s not only manage our time, but protect our eyes also.

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