Friday, May 22, 2009

Sophomore Year 08-09

As this year comes to a close, I have mixed feelings. I am happy that summer is close, but I have really enjoyed my sophomore year.

Not only have I learned more in school, but I have also learned a lot in personal situations. I have been in situations that I do and do not like, but what is most important is that I have learned from every single situation. I have laughed, smiled, screamed, and cried. Not all of those are pleasant but I will never forget those moments.

God has taught me so much, especially when things did not turn out how I expected them to or wanted them to. I have learned that God has a plan for my life and that he is going to take care of me no matter what. Seeing that God has so much in store for me, I cannot explain how excited I am to see what He is going to do in my life.

This year, I have also learned who I can and cannot trust. I have been in situations this year where I have learned who my real friends are and who I can always talk to about anything.

Not only is my sophomore year gone, but also my last school year with my sister. As you may know from an earlier blog, this year was my sister's senior year. Thinking that I won't get to see her every day, let alone talk to her, is a sad thought. A couple of days ago, I realized she is moving into her dorm room a little bit less than three months now. I do not think that I have fully realized that things are changing and things are going to be different.

Letting go of my sophomore year is hard, but I will always cherish and never forget a single moment.

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