Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

I do not know about you, but I know that I do not realize how much my teachers do for me and the rest of my classmates. Preparing us for the real world, I know some of my teachers stay up at late hours of the night working on what my classmates and I need to know to be prepared for tests and even more, college.

I want to say thank you to Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. Roepcke, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Gillmore, Mr. Matthews, Mr. Robertson, and Coach Armstrong for all they have done and for what they will do. I also want to thank all my elementary and Junior High teachers for what they have done.

Not only do my teachers help prepare my classmates and me for the rest of our lives, but they are also there for us if we need to talk to them about anything.

With all this said, thank you teachers for helping me through these years, learning what I need to know before I go out into the real world.


Mrs. Gillmore said...

Thank you! You are an awesome young lady!

Heating Up Ideas said...

Thank you! =)